Vasyl Kuzyk, Male Translator/Guide

5-Star Rating*****

Vasyl Kuzyk,

Skype:  vasyl_kuzyk1985

I have personally known and worked with Vasyl on several occasions and I will HIGHLY recommend him to anyone seeking the services he offers.  He can act as a guide, help you find apartments or hotels, translate Ukrainian or Russian and he will ALWAYS have your back.

Vasyl can help you with just about any issue you may face and is an excellent judge of woman’s character.  Any honest woman should have NO qualms whether a translator is male or female and I suggest if women cause a great concern who the translator is over being with you, make that a definite red-flag. Example:  It is common practice for many agencies and even the girls themselves to utilize office workers or friends to translate just so they can also benefit from any FREE meals or entertainment because they are the translator.  Remember always any translator a girl or agencies demands, works for them, not you!  If woman has such an issue, then compromise, offer a 2 hour minimum using her translator and no more than $15 USD an hour rate, then switch to your own.  Again, if a woman really persists at using ONLY her translator, it is best to avoid her all together!

One trick I utilized in meeting women I had a concern about was having Vasyl follow us within listening distance or sitting at another table enough to hear what is being translated and if done as it should be.  If he senses anything wrong, you have a preset signal to end the meeting.  I can’t tell you how valuable having someone watch your back can avoid costly mistakes and more disappointment.

Vasyl is available at a standard rate or contract rate that you negotiate with him based on the services you need.  It is common practice that if he is offering Guide services, then you pay for his meals and a room unless he is able to utilize an extra bed in your rental flat when a woman is not present.  And as always, do not be Cheap.  Vasyl offers a very fair priced service and if he performs, please be courteous enough to tip him appropriately!

Also please understand if I find out any referral has abused any of my recommendations, I will be hard-pressed to work with you further.  I expect “Professional” behavior to any of my affiliate workers.


Reggie Oglesby

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