Trials & Tribulations of an Internet Dater


Reggie Oglesby is perhaps ONE of a rare few with the number of years and personal experience to offer ANY man seeking to find a Slavic Bride, or any bride for that matter from a foreign country.  With almost 19 years total exposure to the Internet Dating (6 years actually married to a Belarusian) Industry, thousands of letters, numerous scams with over 1100 women exposed to anti-scam sites worldwide and personal meetings which reveal actual character traits of those women, Reggie shares very private and personal pain so that the reader can avoid such mistakes in  their own search.

Reggie has a unique perspective and an understanding of the Internet Dating World and HIS mission is to help others as much as he can by educating and sharing what he knows.  He has helped countless men and women avoid mistakes and heartbreak and he is here to do the same for you.  He has LIFE  experience which is much more than most Bloggers online offer.  He’s “been there, done that” enough to know.  who do you want helping you?  Someone who only offers perspective of what they “think” or one who has actually experienced it?  Reggie’s style is very direct and honest.  Of course he is sharing from his own personal observation, but most men and women who have worked with him will tell you, he knows what he is talking about and worth to listen.

“Trials & Tribulations of an Internet Dater” offer you:

  • How to recognize broadcast generated letters that are sent to any man online
  • Simple questions to ask and see if your letters are read
  • Always ask for LOTS of photos  to avoid the shock of what a woman really looks like in person
  • How to avoid various scams
  • Using common sense tactics and never letting your penis rule your head
  • The common dating sites men use that just take your money
  • Encourages you to ask marriage agencies what their marriage success rate is!
  • Using your common sense to avoid potential heartbreak

Reggie Oglesby does not claim to be any Guru but what he shares is well documented by years of evidence in photos and letters and personal meetings.  This book is a helpful guide and this website is dedicated to helping those of you in the world seeking love via the Internet, a chance to find it!  The choice is yours!

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