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Vasyl Kuzyk, Male Translator/Guide

5-Star Rating***** Vasyl Kuzyk, Skype:  vasyl_kuzyk1985 I have personally known and worked with Vasyl on several occasions and I will HIGHLY recommend him to anyone seeking the services he offers.  He can act as a guide, help you find apartments or hotels, translate Ukrainian or Russian and he will ALWAYS have your back. Vasyl […]

Relaxing Massage for a weary Traveler Complimentary Massage! When you arrive to Kiev for your Romantic Make-Over Holiday, we will treat you to a Complimentary Massage within the first week of arrival as part of our Welcome Package. We have a very lovely and talented masseuse who will surprise you with a definite treat of massage and care to start […]

Trials & Tribulations of an Internet Dater

Reggie Oglesby is perhaps ONE of a rare few with the number of years and personal experience to offer ANY man seeking to find a Slavic Bride, or any bride for that matter from a foreign country.  With almost 19 years total exposure to the Internet Dating (6 years actually married to a Belarusian) Industry, […]

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