Vasyl Kuzyk, Male Translator/Guide

5-Star Rating*****

Vasyl Kuzyk,

Skype:  vasyl_kuzyk1985

I have personally known and worked with Vasyl on several occasions and I will HIGHLY recommend him to anyone seeking the services he offers.  He can act as a guide, help you find apartments or hotels, translate Ukrainian or Russian and he will ALWAYS have your back.

Vasyl can help you with just about any issue you may face and is an excellent judge of woman’s character.  Any honest woman should have NO qualms whether a translator is male or female and I suggest if women cause a great concern who the translator is over being with you, make that a definite red-flag. Example:  It is common practice for many agencies and even the girls themselves to utilize office workers or friends to translate just so they can also benefit from any FREE meals or entertainment because they are the translator.  Remember always any translator a girl or agencies demands, works for them, not you!  If woman has such an issue, then compromise, offer a 2 hour minimum using her translator and no more than $15 USD an hour rate, then switch to your own.  Again, if a woman really persists at using ONLY her translator, it is best to avoid her all together!

One trick I utilized in meeting women I had a concern about was having Vasyl follow us within listening distance or sitting at another table enough to hear what is being translated and if done as it should be.  If he senses anything wrong, you have a preset signal to end the meeting.  I can’t tell you how valuable having someone watch your back can avoid costly mistakes and more disappointment.

Vasyl is available at a standard rate or contract rate that you negotiate with him based on the services you need.  It is common practice that if he is offering Guide services, then you pay for his meals and a room unless he is able to utilize an extra bed in your rental flat when a woman is not present.  And as always, do not be Cheap.  Vasyl offers a very fair priced service and if he performs, please be courteous enough to tip him appropriately!

Also please understand if I find out any referral has abused any of my recommendations, I will be hard-pressed to work with you further.  I expect “Professional” behavior to any of my affiliate workers.


Reggie Oglesby

Relaxing Massage for a weary Traveler Complimentary Massage!

When you arrive to Kiev for your Romantic Make-Over Holiday, we will treat you to a Complimentary Massage within the first week of arrival as part of our Welcome Package.

We have a very lovely and talented masseuse who will surprise you with a definite treat of massage and care to start off your holiday!  You will enjoy this guys!  If you wish to totally indulge yourself, make it 2 sets of hands for double the pleasure!

Trials & Tribulations of an Internet Dater

Reggie Oglesby is perhaps ONE of a rare few with the number of years and personal experience to offer ANY man seeking to find a Slavic Bride, or any bride for that matter from a foreign country.  With almost 19 years total exposure to the Internet Dating (6 years actually married to a Belarusian) Industry, thousands of letters, numerous scams with over 1100 women exposed to anti-scam sites worldwide and personal meetings which reveal actual character traits of those women, Reggie shares very private and personal pain so that the reader can avoid such mistakes in  their own search.

Reggie has a unique perspective and an understanding of the Internet Dating World and HIS mission is to help others as much as he can by educating and sharing what he knows.  He has helped countless men and women avoid mistakes and heartbreak and he is here to do the same for you.  He has LIFE  experience which is much more than most Bloggers online offer.  He’s “been there, done that” enough to know.  who do you want helping you?  Someone who only offers perspective of what they “think” or one who has actually experienced it?  Reggie’s style is very direct and honest.  Of course he is sharing from his own personal observation, but most men and women who have worked with him will tell you, he knows what he is talking about and worth to listen.

“Trials & Tribulations of an Internet Dater” offer you:

  • How to recognize broadcast generated letters that are sent to any man online
  • Simple questions to ask and see if your letters are read
  • Always ask for LOTS of photos  to avoid the shock of what a woman really looks like in person
  • How to avoid various scams
  • Using common sense tactics and never letting your penis rule your head
  • The common dating sites men use that just take your money
  • Encourages you to ask marriage agencies what their marriage success rate is!
  • Using your common sense to avoid potential heartbreak

Reggie Oglesby does not claim to be any Guru but what he shares is well documented by years of evidence in photos and letters and personal meetings.  This book is a helpful guide and this website is dedicated to helping those of you in the world seeking love via the Internet, a chance to find it!  The choice is yours!

Welcome to!

Darina Zinchenko, Female Translator/Guide/Assistant

5-Star Rating

Darina Zinchenko


Contact first by email, but she has Skype and Viber capability.  I personally used Mrs. Zinchenko and found her to be an excellent translator and assistant during a 4 week stay in Kiev.  Her rates are standard and well worth her professional capabilities.  She is able to travel OUTSIDE Kiev with advanced notice and preparations, rate plus expenses for food and accommodations.  I contracted her for the entire month, so she is negotiable depending on your specific needs.  I suggest you pay a deposit in advance of your arrival (or upon your arrival) and she will itemize all her time and activities for her services rendered.

I DO NOT recommend people lightly and prefer hands-on/personal experience with anyone I work with.  You will not be disappointed for having her as a female translator.

One thing please, if she does a good job for you, do NOT be a cheap skate, tip her!  I do not wish work with any guys who do not respect hard work and value! FRAUD

The Kiev Experience

August 2016

I just returned from a 28 day stay in Kiev, my trip resulting in a somewhat positive ending but not as I ever hope for upon arriving.  Needless to say I have some scathing remarks on one particular agency I utilized and the many women who “expressed” interest, spoke how willing they were to meet, but when I arrived NOT ONE of a dozen ever proved valid for showing up to an actual meeting.  I was stood up three times (2 by the same woman), which I suspected would happen.

Part of my BLOG here is to share with single men seeking a Ukraine Bride the many “pitfalls” you will encounter and if not smart in your endeavors, you also will fall victim to the corrupt nature of online dating which I have been exposing for well near 18 years!  I don’t want you falling prey to the many “scams” and the sheer WASTE of money so many agencies will try to suck from you and the countless women online who will leave you heartbroken and disappointed.  I want to show you the evidence and proof of what DOES NOT WORK and hopefully useful tips of what will work!

I, and many others, have always stated to you NEWBIES out there, PLEASE STAY AWAY from the major online dating sites, such as, AFA, RussianBrides, etc.  These sites will suck you dry with endless images of FANTASY, women you will NEVER meet!  I hold EACH one LIABLE for the corruption they not only foster, but encourage in the pursuit of greed!  The unifying DISCLAIMER for these site should be “Proceed at your own Risk, if you are so gullible to believe we actually offer you a real chance at finding love!” It is well documented that many of the source agencies they often utilize actually will pay local girls to write letters in the name of the woman profiled, they give a commission on the number of letters received from men like you.  Also many of the girls do this as a JOB, not as any true seekers of romance, love or marriage.  In fact, many often have boyfriends and husbands!  The online dating industry is a multi-billion operation.  And who foots that bill?  You do!  In my 18 years experience (and yes I was married for 6 of those years to a Belarussian, it was just we were not cut out for each other) and vast experience helping others, I have personally experienced every conceivable scam you can think of and why I consider myself the “Go To” guy if ever you have a question.  You can either learn from my experience and avoid the headaches or you can remain stubborn, do it your way and waste thousands upon thousands of dollars writing girls and rarely if ever succeeding at finding love while watching years pass you by in the attempt!  I am here to HELP YOU if you only ask!

Reggie Oglesby

Scathing Report:

I have to say this website is full of women that are sheer BULLSHIT!  It cost you 7 credits (average $3.00) to send a letter.  Free to open.  All the facts I will present you are from personal experience and from actual letters I got.  My profile was very exact of the type woman I sought, including age.  NO ONE UNDER AGE 28!  I cannot tell you the hundreds of letters I got from the 18-22 range, an obvious red flag no one was reading the profile.  Also the website is rigged with pop-ups of women seeking to chat with you (1 credit per min. to chat, 2 credits for video chat).  Most of the time there was always issues with the video chat and little response by management to refund the credits.  I had perhaps a DOZEN women I had interest in and had contacted, the majority of them we exchanged well over the 15 minimum letters required for contact details (a cost of 20 credits) but many who expressed interest in me actually REFUSED to offer their contact information, another RED FLAG about the site and women profiled!

I try to deal ONLY in FACTS so the website exposed CANNOT deny what happened.  I could write a book on with all the examples I have archived, but I can hope any intelligent man reading this can gauge for himself, from a few examples, it is best to NEVER utilize the site and share with all his friends, the same conclusion!  Guys the only way to confront such corrupt websites is to EXPOSE to all we know so they avoid it like the plague and end up shutting them down!

Many of the letters I got was just pure nonsense to read.  Here are some examples!

Hey I miss you so much … all my thoughts are about you!  Is everything all right? I am worrying about you! My heart and soul is near you! Let me even know how are you ….It’s very important to me!  Inna”

This was the FIRST letter to me!  I NEVER even contacted her or expressed interest at all.  All total she sent me 11 letters.  I got amused, this was her second letter:

Hello darling, I want to know, what do you think about foreplay?   For example, to be in public and touch each other under the table while the dinner in a café and no one notice it … or just kiss neck, pet legs somewhere … would you like that?  What would you like with me in public?  Kisses and hugs, Inna”

When you get such generic, non-personal (your name never mentioned) it is a near guarantee hundreds of other men got the same letter too, it is what I call a broadcast “fishing” expedition to see who bites!  You will also find when you are online and agencies know you are, you start getting a lot of such letters.


Her letterSorry for writing you this letter if you are not interesting, but I hope that you do! My name is Victoria and I really came here for relationships- not for a pan pal, not for a virtual intima, not for a million letters and having fun- only for serious relationships! I know that this words and wishes writing you a lot of woman each day, but you can be sure that my intentions are honest! People telling that serious relationships are not real through internet, but I know that it can be truth! And moreover, where should I look for a serious man?? In clubs and disco? It is not my places at all, I do not visit it. And you? Like to go there?? Also people finding each other at work…. But I’m singer and I’m giving vocal lessons and you know that vocal can be interesting only for children and woman, so find among my clients life partner is not real;) So I came here, and I hope that this way of searching love can be successful… Are you here for the same? If you will be a first man in my life who wish to sing- I will teach you;)hahha) I hope to hear from you back, tell me about your life please I will be happy Victoria”

I chanced to write her and told her I was in Kiev and could have the reality of a meeting.  A typical response after a half dozen attempts to just make a meeting sometime while I was in Kiev:

I’m glad to see your letter.I will divide it into several parts and thus you will get my answer to you ..but why such a long letter?

Yes, I do not care how you came here! I understand that this is a great way, but you are not negotiated with me to go here. so you can not claim to be me! I understand if we were talking and I would promise you this meeting but did not appear. then you can in some way to blame me.  but you wrote me one letter asking for a meeting. and when I asked for a little get to know you, you just started to ignore me! so let’s not waste time and are now normally meet? maybe we’ll meet right before you left this way?

but maybe she’s playing with you. but I hope you understand why I did not want to go to a meeting with you after 1 letter. I am not against that. and I am glad that there is such a possibility, but I will go only when I feel our conversation. we both need to decide here whether we need this meeting through some conversation! Do you agree? Let’s make it to the end of August and in early September, will meet. you satisfied with it?

perhaps you do not quite understand. I do not much care about right now questions about my work or about money. I believe that a woman should also work! is not it so? and I think it is too early to talk about marriage. we do not know each other. Even when we meet, I will insist that we have to know each other better for a few months. I can not marry a man who can see one again. you know?  but I am very interested to read your letter!

No, I agree. the man really should seek in a relationship, but she, too, must make efforts. relationship will only work if both people want it. if someone resists, then nothing happens. I think so. Do you agree with me?

I learned a lot about you but I still also have some questions for you ..

perhaps you thought that what you wrote to me, I immediately understand what kind of person are you? but it is not so! I want to know what you are in dispute, how will you behave if we have any problems, you can help me advice, will you reproach me for my mistake .. all that matters to me!

I have seen that it is important and it is acceptable for you!

but for me it is important to take into account man’s my opinion. you will consult with me? or your decisions alone?  we called a couple? or to do everything alone?

I think that if someone of us will be angry it is best initially to talk about it. many relationships fall apart from the fact that people keep emotions locked. do you understand what I am talking about?”

The day before I was to leave Kiev, after 3 weeks of stating I was ready to meet, I got this letter:  “Greetings, Reggie!
You know … I’m really in front of you is guilty. You’re right … I sincerely regret that my family did not show me a raise in front of such a man as you can on the contrary, I do not deserve you?
I do not want to have you bad thoughts about me. I always believe in better, in his search for love and happiness. It is quite difficult .. You understand me perfectly, like no other man.
During this time our conversation I am grateful to you for what you have in my life …
I have a request..

Reggie give me a chance to fix our situation. I have such an opportunity?
I beg you, because my heart beats in time with yours .. I do not want to lose the beating of your feelings, emotions .. To me it is very important, as any woman in love.  Forgive me.  What are your thoughts? What do you think?  Each of us has a right to make mistakes, and I made it …I hope that you will respond in the near future !!!  My cuddles and kisses, Reggie 🙂  Sincerely, Victoria”

All the while I had repeatedly given to each woman I wished to meet EXACT dates I was in town:

“Hi Vika!

I am sorry you find me so disagreeable with you when I am in KIEV to solve. I can highly compromise with anyone, but I came here with a purpose NOT to write letters but to actually meet someone. I would like to meet you but that seems IMPOSSIBLE. You want me understand your side, but you do not even care to understand mine and the effort I undertook to even come here!

More time is lost exchanging letters and soon I just return home. Then what? A MISSED opportunity and I will not be to blame for that or to hear cries come again. I probably won’t!

Certainly I understand you want know who I am, that is a main reason to meet, discovery. You act as if I meet you in some dark place and kidnap you. When in fact I only meet in the public of places, for your safety and comfort! I made very clear my purpose here is to find and meet a good woman to name wife! to start building relations that lead to our marriage. a start! But it seems no woman is really interested in that, but only exchange MILLIONS OF LETTERS! So much time has been lost already, I leave in less than 2 weeks! I already have 2 weeks WASTED thanks to insincere, unscrupulous and deceitful women here! I have MET no one this website despite having MONTHS of correspondence that lead no where. so please explain me I send 100 letters to a woman and why she continue to avoid a meeting? NO, she plays a vile and stupid game with me!

So you want some letters from me to get to know me before you agree a meeting? OK, then prepare HERE, I send you THREE DETAILED LETTERS that give you complete picture of who I am. If you cannot agree for meeting after reading letters, then is best you NEVER write again, ok? ( came to MEET, not continue to write!

And if it is so disagreeable to you, then YES better we never meet at all!”

Now here is Kristi,, one girl who stood me up (twice).  We were supposed to meet the Monday right after I had arrived the beginning of the week.  Her letters:

  • “Dear Reg,So, let’s meet on Monday at 14.00. Is it a convenient time for you ? By the way, I’m not sure in my English knowledge, so I will be with the interpreter. Could you pay for the interpreter services ? I’m just very excited before our meeting. Let’s support each other, honey 🙂 I will wait you near the entrance of Ukraina Mall at 14.00. Waiting for your answer.  Kisses hot,
    Yours Kristi”
  • “Dear Reg, I’m so sorry that I didn’t come. But I have a serious reason. Yesterday, my friend felt bad. She is pregnant and she is often feel nauseated and dizzy. She has no one in Kiev except me, so I had to come. I don’t know if you believe me. I understand your feelings and emotions, you are disappointed and I don’t even know if you can forgive me.
    But if you still want to meet me, we could see during the week. But dear, I don’t want to be on date and to count the time, that we’ll spend together because of interpreter. And I don’t want to look of interpreter 15$. I have my own of 25$ and It’s comfortable for me to use his service. By the way, there is no need to limit the date on 3 hours. If everything will be ok, we could spend more time together. It’s so because of I don’t want to make the date depended on the money. Do u agree with me ? I’m so sorry that it happened and you had to become disappointed, but try to understand me. Do u remember our discussing that understanding is the main thing in the relationship ?  I am waiting for your positive response. Do not be offended  Sweet kisses,
    Yours Kristi”
  • “Dear Reg,Thank you for understanding and forgiving me. But I don’t want you to remember me my fail during our date. I understand it’s a mistake on my part, but leave it behind, ok ? I don’t like agressive and bad-tempered men. Anyway, I don’t want it happened in such way, I was forced by circumstances. So, I can meet on Friday at 15.00. Is it convenient time for you?  Waiting for your reply,
  • “Dear Reggie I’m very sorry I get sick and I think catch cold , I feel terrible, my temperature39 so I can’t go outside I’m waiting doctor. I’m sorry maybe you will not want see me anymore, but I can’t do anything now. I’ll white you later

I even gave her a benefit of the doubt, got stood up a second time.  I complained to the website, they DID NOTHING!  I even sent the evidence and they refused to do anything!  What really pissed me off was to get this letter AFTER having been stood up twice.  Read it and see if it makes any sense to you if the woman had already stood you up?

“Dear Reggie
Don’t worry, I’m waiting for your coming. You know, I don’t even believe that you’ll come so soon, that I could feel your near, feel your smell, hear your voice. It sounds like a real wonder !
I know, you have good imagination, so I want you to imagine our first meeting in details. How do u think I will look ? What dress will be on me ? What words do u expect from me ? It’s very interesting.
You know a lot about me yet, but there are so many things that I want to tell you. I have told you that it was hard for me to find really good man, so I’m sure you won’t disappoint me, right ? 🙂
Have you ever been arrived for the lady for such a large distance ? I would like to be the first and the only 🙂
I had a lot of work in last few days. So don’t become angry on me, I don’t forget you. Tell me about your days
Besides, how many time it will take you to come in Kiev ?
Waiting for your answer:) Hot kisses for you, my dear”

As I said, I have so many more examples from over 10 other girls that I had a hope to meet in Kiev.  Why so many?  Fact is you NEVER know who is going to meet and who is not, the reason I am sharing these exact details.  It comes down to being a numbers game, but in this case, even having over a dozen women who “welcomed” to meet me, when I arrived, NOTHING happened.

Had it not been for other options, I would have sat in Kiev for 4 weeks with NO dates!  I will suggest to anyone reading this article, not to place so much weight or number of girls on any ONE website if you dare go that route.  If you place all your “eggs” in one basket, odds are you will find much disappointment when it comes to all these corrupt and bogus websites you find so easily!

I had several legitimate complaints I sent to the Admin of the website, rarely was I ever compensated for the grief or misuse of the women profiled.  I did receive some credits back, but overall, my calculations were that they owed me over 1000 credits at a minimum and that their money back guarantee is all hype and not worth anything when they will not HONOR it.  Buy credits and consider the money gone, more so WASTED!  I always tell a website the quality of who they are lies in the customer service given to the PAYING CUSTOMER and to the success of introducing men and women.  In the case of they rate a FLAT ZERO across the board and my suggestion is to do what it takes to SHUT THEM DOWN!  Your best bet is to FORGET the lovely beauties they try and entice you with and to look at a means that gives you results, i.e. real meetings!

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